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Doo Group Offers Scholarship Opportunities At King’s College London  

News | 01 Sep 2021 11:35/AM GMT

Doo Group has collaborated with King’s College London to offer a scholarship that will address and relieve students’ hardships as they pursue a rounded educational experience.  

Doo Group King's Scholarship

Doo Bursary Scheme  

Through the Doo Bursary that was established in 2021, Doo Group seeks to provide financial support and assistance to students with financial difficulties that might otherwise prevent them from furthering their education.  

In essence, the scholarship facilitates the education journey of 10 eligible aspiring students to fulfil their educational dream at King’s in all aspects of skill sets and industry.  

It is open to students who wish to enroll in a first degree for three years in the university, commencing from the academic session of 2021/2022 to 2024/2025.  

To apply, applicants must meet the eligibility and criteria of the institution. A total of £10,000 will be awarded per year for three years to facilitate their tuition fees. Prospective students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. 

For more information on the scholarship and to apply, please visit https://www.kcl.ac.uk/study/undergraduate/fees-and-funding/student-funding/scholarships-and-bursaries/2021-22/doo-bursary-2021 

King’s College London, A Highly Renowned Institution 

King’s College London is a highly renowned institution that is ranked in the top 10 universities in the United Kingdom for its academic prestige. First established in 1829, King’s College London came into existence by a royal decree from King George IV and the Duke of Wellington. 

Having a global positive effect through its various policies and research experiments, King’s has kept a solid reputation among its academic counterparts and even organisations of the private sector.  

This institution offers around 300 courses related to undergraduate and graduate studies for its incoming students.  

Home to nearly 30,000 students from over 150 different countries around the globe, King’s has five different campuses located in the central city of London.  

Its educational philosophy and achievements are recognised by well-known personalities and organisations such as business magnates Li Ka-Shing, founder of Li Ka Shing Foundation, and Dr. Aron Harilela, the Chairman and CEO of Harilela Hotels Ltd. Both of them provided scholarship opportunities in King’s to help Hong Kong or China residents with their financial needs. 

Doo Group Gives Back To Community 

Doo Group is beyond excited to be able to allow eligible students to follow their dreams, and connect to limitless opportunities. This corresponds with Doo Group’s corporate social responsibility program in giving back to the community. 

While developing our global business portfolio, we understand that business profits should not be the only goal of a company; it is equally important to live up to corporate social responsibility (CSR). 

Since the establishment of Doo Group, we have been actively coordinating resources from all parties to contribute to the public through various means.  

In December 2019, we have participated in the “Love and Care Project,” a charity program to provide emergency essential equipment, materials, and subsidies to children in poverty-stricken areas of Yunnan, China.  

Meanwhile, in March 2020, to help in the fight against COVID-19, we have donated 30,000 KN95 masks and other PPE articles to the hospitals within and around the Province of Hubei, China.  

Doo Group has also participated in raising donations through a social welfare fund project for nurturing young talents in the film and television industry in September 2020. The initiative is known as the ‘Light Convergence Project,’ and with our contribution, we hope to contribute to the development of China’s film and television industry.  

We continue our CSR endeavors in 2021 with the first “Doo Prime Masters Cup” Global Charity Trading Competition and donated US$2,000 to the “Love to School – Care for Kids” program. Apart from that, we also raised US$12,700 through the 2021 “Charity Star” Fundraising Program where funds will be channeled to domestic and international charity organisations.  

Doo Group King's Scholarship

About Doo Group          

Established in 2014, Doo Group is headquartered in Singapore. After years of development, the Doo Group has become a large fintech-motivated financial service group, comprised of affiliates including Doo Clearing, Doo Financial, Doo Prime, and Doo Tech.    

Doo Group is committed in serving individuals and institutional customers around the world with innovative trading brokerage services for securities, futures, Contract For Differences (CFDs), and other financial products.   

Currently, some of the legal entities under Doo Group are regulated by financial regulators around the world, including the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (MFSC) and the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC), with operating centres located in Dallas, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, and other regions.    

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