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Doo Group Signs UN Women’s Empowerment Principles

Featured Articles | 25 Oct 2021 03:16/PM GMT

Strengthens Commitment And Promotes Gender Equality 

In August 2021, Doo Group became a signatory to the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) as part of its long-term commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.  

The WEPs provide a framework to help companies empower women in the workplace, marketplace, and community.  

 “We value and support women who serve inside and outside the home. We are committed to empowering gender equality in the workplace, in positions of leadership, and business. Women are the core and backbone of our communities and without them, no nation can prosper or succeed,” said Marc Grand, CEO of Doo Group. 

About Women’s Empowerment Principles 

The Women’s Empowerment Principles are a set of Principles offering guidance to business on how to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in the workplace, marketplace, and community. The WEPs guide businesses on how to promote gender equality and empower women in the workplace, marketplace, and community. Jointly established by the UN Global Compact and UN Women, the WEPs are underpinned by international labor standards and human rights and by the recognition that businesses have an important role in promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment. 

Adopting the seven principles is the best way that businesses can deliver on the ambitions for gender equality and women’s empowerment as outlined in the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development and in the 17 SDGs. 


A Step Forward For Women In The Trading Industry 

Despite growing business investment and engagement, women remain unequal in most societies around the world. Within this context, women face a number of barriers to full economic participation, and to full realization of their rights – women’s civil and political rights, their right to health, and their right to education are often marginalized.   

There is a huge amount to do, particularly given that the automation age and COVID-19 mean that women face new challenges on top of old ones. The only way to breathe new life into efforts is for the main stakeholders to work together on comprehensive solutions to the complex issue of gender inequality. 

By joining the WEPs community, the CEO signals commitment to gender equality at the highest levels of the company and to work collaboratively in multi-stakeholder networks to foster business practices that empower women. These include equal pay for work of equal value, gender-responsive supply chain practices, and zero tolerance against sexual harassment in the workplace. 


Investing In Women Empowerment 

Doo Group views women’s empowerment as a critical pillar of global sustainability and as imperative to building an inclusive economy. We believe that businesses are a key partner in removing the barriers that women face to achieve full economic participation – and in realizing the opportunities that women will bring to our global economy.  

By investing in women and promoting women’s empowerment, companies contribute and prosper economies and ensure significant social values and practice within societies and businesses. 


Endorsing The Women’s Empowerment Principles 

The seven Principles from the WEPs constitute a primary vehicle for corporate delivery on gender equality dimensions of the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals.  

The WEPs represent a powerful platform to share lessons learned on how gender equality links to their bottom line, how to make progress in this area, and how to track results.  

To benefit from greater equality for women, we adopt the seven tenets from the WEPs to empower women in the workplace, marketplace, and community. 

Quoting from the WEPs, these principles are the result of collaboration between the UN Global Compact and UN Women, and are adapted from the Calvert Women’s Principles®. They are informed by real-life business practices and input gathered from across the globe. These Principles also can inform other stakeholders, including governments, as they engage with the business. 

We all have an important opportunity to ensure that women’s rights are more fully integrated into private sector partnerships and investment in women, and that an ever-growing group of companies supports women and girls’ causes globally. 

For more information on WEPs, please visit www.weps.org, @WEPrinciples. 


About Doo Group          

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