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Efficiency: The Future Of Liquidity Management

Blog | 03 Jun 2021 12:27/PM GMT

New technologies and globalisation are giving a major impact on liquidity management in recent years where efficiency is the future of it. 

According to a new Nordea report, organisations will continue to migrate toward real-time liquidity management in the next three to five years. These will be benefiting from application programme interface (API) technologies, more automation, and centralised settings. All of this is done to improve efficiency and free up time for the company to grow.

Participants in the financial market are also collaborating to build new tools to fulfil the demands. This will be resulting in a shifting landscape of liquidity management tools and systems.

In this article, we take a closer look at the biggest liquidity challenges and how efficiency will become the future of liquidity management. 

Liquidity Management Challenges 

Market participants must discover new ways of working as international trade and digitalisation grow at a rapid pace.

They face similar problems, such as risks posed by instability in overseas markets, international trade regulations, and language limitations.

Efficiency Liquidity Management

Efficiency Through Automation and Processes

Automating and simplifying processes will be a key driver for any efficiency gains in liquidity management in the future. It helps you save both time and money.

APIs are projected to play a bigger role in data automation, process improvement, and real-time capabilities in the future.

Besides, robotics adoption is also likely to rise, allowing for even more automation in liquidity management activities.

Portals with self-service and analytical tools will become more popular, with banks, third parties, and partnerships providing them.

The increased availability of analytical tools for liquidity management is expected to influence the duties of treasury employees. This will focus on data analysis and liquidity projections.

Self-service will facilitate onboarding to these new tools and services. For example, digital sales and agreement routes, enabling faster adoption of services.

Companies have a decent chance of overcoming their liquidity issues if they can figure out whether an API strategy will suit some of their requirements.

Liquidity Management Solutions

Liquidity management may be difficult for businesses of all sizes. It is due to international trade risks, departmental isolation, or the need to compromise on payment terms to stay competitive.

Fortunately, there are a variety of tools and solutions available to help increase working capital management efficiency. These are growing more sophisticated.

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Efficiency Liquidity Management

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