Explore α Better Future: Doo Group Releases 2023 Environmental, Social, And Governance (ESG) Report

Blog | 29 Dec 2023 10:50/AM GMT

Doo Group officially releases the 2023 Environmental, Social, and Governance Report (hereinafter referred to as the ESG report), aiming to summarize the group’s commitments and achievements in these domains over the past year. As a global financial services group, Doo Group consistently adheres to high standards of corporate governance practices. We are committed to actively addressing environmental challenges, promoting social equity, and enhancing human well-being in our daily business operations, striving to create a better future.

ESG represents a valuable concept, where investment strategy and corporate evaluation standards are focusing on environmental, social and corporate governance performance rather than solely financial performance. This report will comprehensively outline Doo Group’s progress in these areas from various perspectives.

Environmental – Protecting Environment to Achieve Sustainable Development

Climate change is a serious challenge faced by the international community. Doo Group regards environmental protection as our responsibility and obligation. We have formulated relevant environmental protection plans to promote the realization of sustainable development and environmental objectives.

Promoting Green Offices

Doo Group has signed several conventions related to environmental protection, including the Energy Saving Charter and the 4T Charter by the Environment and Ecology Bureau, the Carbon Reduction Charter by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department, and the Food Wise Charter by the Food Wise Hong Kong Steering Committee.

According to these environmental protection frameworks, we take energy and water efficiency, low-carbon living, and climate risk into account in the construction of our office environments. We are committed to creating green workplaces and improving the overall efficiency of office resources and energy use.

We encourage employees in each region to utilise office resources wisely according to local climate conditions and office habits- taking the initiative to turn off air-conditioners, lights and other office equipment upon leaving the workplaces and conference rooms to reduce unnecessary consumption of electricity and water. As for discarded electronic office equipment and hazardous waste; third-party sources with recycling qualifications are engaged for proper disposal.

With a conducive online office model, Doo Group’s global offices are able to achieve cross-regional collaborations through online communication, online meetings, electronic approval and paperless office. This model not only greatly reduces the consumption of physical resources such as paper, but also the carbon footprint from business travel.

Paying Attention to Climate Risk

In addition to the reduction of emissions and energy consumption in the office environment, Doo Group has incorporated climate change risks into the company’s risk management system and adjusted the risk list in a timely manner considering the external environment and internal development needs. This helps us to improve our enterprise risk management and robust operations management.

When facing with extreme weather conditions such as typhoons and rainstorms, we will promptly synchronize the exchange of information from various regions to remind clients to adjust their trading arrangements, and arrange staff shifts accordingly to strengthen the risk monitoring of respective platforms and data centers.

Social – Building a Better Society with the Dedication to Charitable Endeavors 

Profit is not the sole objective of a business; daring to shoulder its corporate social responsibility is equally important. Doo Group, through various means, also gives back to society, committed to making sustained contributions to the development of individuals, industries, and society at large.

UNICEF HK ‘Reimagine Education’ Programme 

On September 19, 2023, Doo Group renewed our partnership agreement with the Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF HK). Over the next three years, Doo Group will be participating in UNICEF’s ‘Reimagine Education’ programme. The programme is expected to help 3.5 billion children to end the education crisis by 2030 by supporting digital learning, connecting the Internet to every school, purchasing electronic devices and implementing youth-led initiatives.

King’s College London ‘Doo Bursary’

For the third year in a row, Doo Group has been providing financial support to students in need since the establishment of the Doo Bursary in partnership with King’s College London in 2021. Successful applicants for the Doo Bursary will receive a total of £10,000 per year for 3 years to cover living and academic expenses during their time at university, reducing the financial burden of university life. The Doo Bursary program is ongoing, and we will continue to help more talented students on their journey to university in the future.

Building a Warm Home with SOS Children’s Village Thailand

In 2021, we established a charitable partnership with SOS Children’s Village Thailand, continuing to provide children with a favourable environment and educational resources. This year, Doo Group launched an art charity program at SOS Children’s Village Thailand, aiming to use art as a bridge to inspire the children to reach their full potential.

As a partner of Manchester United, we also provided children with football sports equipment, helping them to develop their physical fitness. In addition, we renovated houses and installed drinking water purifiers for the children at SOS Village Bangpoo, Bangkok, ensuring they have a safer and comfortable living environment. Moving forward, we will continue to pay attention to the children’s growing environment and provide necessary material support in a timely manner.

Spreading Love for the Spastic Children’s Association of Selangor & Federal Territory

On August 15, 2023, Doo Group entered into a charitable partnership with the Spastic Children’s Association of Selangor & Federal Territory (SCAS & FT), Malaysia, as a gold sponsor. Established in 1960, The SCAS & FT is a non-profit organization aiming to enhance the spastic children’s quality of life with education and rehabilitation plans.

In order to raise more funds for the rehabilitation of the children, Doo Group actively participated in the events organized by the SCAS & FT. On September 2023, Doo Group took part in a charity dinner with the theme “Starry Nights”. As a global partner of Manchester United, Doo Group’s Managing Director of EMEA, Mr. Costas Kappai, represented the group by sponsoring two valuable Manchester United signed jerseys as auction items. The proceeds from the auction were donated to support the work of the Association.

On November 19, 2023, dozens of Doo Group’s employees participated in the 28th Walk-Jog-Wheel-A-Thon 2023, organized by the SCAS & FT. We also performed a passionate 24 Festive Drum performance to cheer on the participants and assisted individuals with disabilities in completing the event. On top of that, we prepared Doo Group and Manchester United co-branded souvenirs to extend our appreciation to the fundraisers for their support.  This had greatly inspired the people to donate to the association.  We hope that through our efforts, we can bring more people’s attention to the underprivileged and create a more inclusive society together.

Proud Sponsor Of Australia China Friendship Society Of Western Australia 

Doo Group has become a proud sponsor of the Australia China Friendship Society of Western Australia (ACFSWA), an organization that prioritizes social values. It reveals Doo Group’s commitment to in-depth collaboration with ACFSWA in areas such as philanthropy and finance. Formed in 1970, ACFSWA is a member of the Australia China Friendship Society (ACFS). It is a non-profit organization that promotes cross-cultural collaboration between Australia and China. Doo Group hopes that this partnership will contribute to the sustainable development of the local community and provide a good foundation for the development of the Australian market.

Doo Prime “Charity Star” Fundraising Programme for Children Development

Doo Group’s affiliate, Doo Prime, launched the “Charity Star” fundraising programme in 2021. The program aims to improve the quality of life, early education, and psychological care for preschool children in orphanages and underage protection institutions, reducing the educational gap with children and laying a solid foundation for their future development.

For every standard lot traded by Doo Prime clients, we donate USD0.01 as a charitable contribution. The accumulated funds are used quarterly to enhance the medical rehabilitation, educational conditions, and overall well-being of orphaned children in welfare institutions. Through this small gesture, we hope to gather more support from our global clients to provide a brighter future for these children.

Governance – Emphasizing Corporate Governance to Safeguard the Interests of Multiple Stakeholders.

Doo Group attaches great importance to corporate governance and strictly follows the rules and regulations of each place to ensure the transparency, compliance and sustainability of the company. We do our utmost to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of clients and employees.

Client Rights

Today, Doo Group has presence in more than 40 countries and regions, serving over 200,000 clients. Upholding the philosophy of “Clients Come First”, Doo Group has always pursued high industry practice standards and is committed to providing traders and professional clients with comprehensive trading security. Doo Group’s entities hold 10+ regulatory licenses worldwide, offering high-quality services under the supervision of top-tier institutions.

At the same time, Doo Group’s affiliate, Doo Prime, successfully renewed its professional indemnity insurance (PII) with leading insurance organizations this year, continuing to provide solid professional third-party protection for clients’ investment interests. The renewal of Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) is underwritten by Lloyd’s Certain Underwriters and Mauritius Union Assurance Company Limited (MUA) respectively, protecting Doo Prime clients’ funds at all times.

Employee Rights

With over 1,000 employees from different regions and cultural backgrounds, Doo Group has established operation centers in 20+ major cities globally. Employees are the cornerstone of the company’s development, and we consistently respect and protect their rights and interests. We foster an atmosphere of equality, openness, inclusivity, and positive well-being, promoting mutual growth with our employees.

This year, we have formulated the following plans to support employees in their professional growth and provide them with additional benefits and protections:

-Recruiting Talents Globally

We actively advocate and continue to create a diverse and inclusive corporate culture and promote friendly communication among employees of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. By recruiting talents from around the world, Doo Group’s operation centers are becoming more diverse in terms of race, ethnicity, gender and age.

-Buddy Program

In order to help new employees quickly integrate into the company, we have set up a Buddy program. The program aims to establish close connections between new and existing employees, addressing challenges and situations that new employees may encounter during their onboarding periods, ultimately enhancing the overall efficiency of the team.

-Udemy E-Learning Platform

We offer all employees the opportunity to obtain Udemy Business licenses. Through this platform, employees can engage in a variety of online courses to learn and enhance their skills.

-Employee Mobility Program

With 20+ global operations centers, Doo Group offers our employees the opportunity to travel, work off-site, or telecommute to different cultures for a more flexible and relaxed work experience.

In the future, ESG concepts will not only be a trend, but also a core element of the financial industry. Driven by the ESG concepts, Doo Group will continue our efforts in the areas of environmental, social and corporate governance to bring sustainable positive impacts on social development, environmental protection, and economic growth, while realizing long-term business success.

About Doo Group 

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