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Stay Competitive with the Prime of Prime Liquidity 

Blog | 26 Nov 2020 02:10/PM GMT

In this increasingly competitive environment, without the right pricing, it can be difficult for brokers to survive.  

Looking at this, liquidity is a vital part of it and the best solution is to make a proper assessment and selection of a Forex Liquidity Provider.  

Nowadays, you can set-up a liquidity provider agreement with any existing liquidity provider that we generally call Prime of Prime.  

Prime of Prime is a firm with a Tier 1 (Bank) Prime Broker that provides an aggregated liquidity pool sourced from the primary forex market. 

It also has a direct connection with Prime Brokers, Banks, and Market Makers. This article will guide you on why the Prime of Prime Liquidity is important to stay competitive in the market.  

1) Stand-alone Trading Conditions  

– With a single Prime of Prime Broker as your main liquidity provider, it will result in offerings of stand-alone trading conditions to existing brokers or individual clients. Every Prime of Prime will provide a general liquidity pool and stream it to its brokers.  

So far, Doo Clearing introducing a unique liquidity pool for clients. Through liquidity aggregation, we aggregate the best pricing from all our liquidity providers to offer our clients.  

2) Access to Diversify Liquidity 

– Provides access to more liquidity is important for traders. Doo Clearing is bespoke liquidity and through in-depth cooperation with large liquidity providers, clearing banks, futures companies, and direct access to the market using the DMA model, we can provide customised liquidity clearing solutions for different types of professional clients.  

3) Allow the Stability  

– Prime of Prime uses a robust technology that will offer stability and allow scalability. The data feed will also be offered to a retail broker in a secure and regulated environment. 

At Doo Clearing, our global networking is linked with the global leading colocation data center market share, Equinix with data centers in Hong Kong, London, New York, Singapore, and Tokyo. The highest level of Tier 4 infrastructure stability and easy cross-connectivity to major international financial firms, ensuring a stable, ultra-low latency and high-performance network environment.  

Apart from that, Doo Clearing is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and offers a safe trading environment.  

4) Higher Level of Order Execution Quality 

– Some of the Prime of Prime brokers will have more than one prime bank relationship. Thus, a retail Forex broker dealing with them will get highly competitive, non-latent quotes, negligible requotes, and a higher percentage of order fill – overall, a higher level of order execution quality. 

With advanced cleaning systems, Doo Clearing offers 100% real-time trading (Direct Market Access and Straight Through Processing mode) up to 99.99% system availability, as low as 1ms trade execution time, to create the ultimate trading experience. 

To get started, contact Doo Clearing’s Specialist team today for an insightful preview of how we can bring your brokerage to the next level.    

London Office    

Email: [email protected]    

Website: www.dooclearing.co.uk    

Hong Kong Office    

Email: [email protected]    

Website: www.dooclearing.com   

About Doo Clearing 

Doo Clearing is UK-based spot forex and CFD liquidity provider that incorporates advanced and strategic clearing systems to provide qualified professional clients and financial institutions with unparalleled clearing services that connect the world’s top liquidity. 

Doo Clearing Limited is a legal entity registered in the UK and holds a regulatory licence issued by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (registration number 833414). 


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