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The Doo Group Reports Trading Volumes in November

News | 22 Dec 2020 06:07/PM GMT

The Doo Group, a financial services group with cutting edge technology and solutions reported a monthly trading volume of US$19.27 billion in November 2020.

The trading volume marks November as the second-highest traded month and the total traded for the year to date is valued at US$161.83 billion.

This number is a total of trading volumes from the affiliate, Doo Clearing, a London-based FCA-regulated liquidity provider, and Doo Prime, a leading global online broker.

Due to various circumstances, November figures have decreased by 64.58% in trading volume from its October figures.

Based on the statistics, the XAU/USD pairings saw the strongest traded instruments in November with 63.6% of total volumes traded.

Meanwhile, the EUR/USD and GBP/USD represent 13.86% of the total volumes traded in November. Compared to October 2020. N225M posted the highest increase in monthly trading volumes with US$305.53 million or 1,175.1%.

The Doo Group showed continued strength in trading volumes despite the volatility in market conditions.

Year-to-date, October was the highest traded month with a total of US$54.39 billion worth of transactions recorded.

The Doo Group will continue to create a global fintech system and leading the way to the new era of fintech-driven globalisation. While 2020 has certainly been a year where the world has faced unprecedented challenges following the global pandemic, this has only spurred on the group to meet those challenges for itself and its customers.

As a financial services group, Doo has a responsibility and is committed to establishing a financial ecosystem network that empowers clients to stay one step ahead.

About the Doo Group

Doo Holding, was established in Hong Kong in 2014. After years of development, The Doo Group has become a large fintech-motivated financial service group, comprised of affiliates including Doo Clearing, Doo Financial, Doo Prime, and Doo Tech.

The Doo Group is committed in serving individual and institutional customers around the world with creative trading brokerage services for equities, futures, CFDs (contract for differences), and other financial products.

Currently, The Doo Group operates financial trading licenses in the United Kingdom, the United States, Mauritius, and Vanuatu, with operating centres in London, Dallas, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and other places.

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