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White Label: Cost Efficiency Without Sacrificing Access to Liquidity

Blog | 10 Dec 2020 11:34/AM GMT

In recent years, institutional forex markets have seen a widespread change as the pace and acceleration of the market structure evolution. The behaviour change has influenced the entire market lifecycle. For example, the internalisation of flows by major dealers and the decreased willingness of prime brokers to negotiate with smaller entities. 

The search for cost efficiency has been a significant driver of these changes, but it has left many small brokers, hedge funds, and institutional asset managers struggling to access liquidity. 

In general terms, liquidity is the ease with which an asset or security can be converted into cash. Therefore, the concept of liquidity in forex signifies that buy and sell orders are matched with each other in the minimum time. The higher the liquidity in an exchange platform, the fairer would be the price of forex. 

That’s why many brokerage companies choose White Label solutions and as result, White Label is becoming more and more popular worldwide. 

White Label is where a brokerage company buys the trading platforms and software of another company, as well as other services, as a simpler and quicker route to market, enabling them to concentrate on the running of their companies. 

To launch a successful white label, the exchange must have high liquidity. Keep reading this article to know the benefits of Doo Clearing’s white label. 


What is Doo Clearing White Label?

To start a forex business, a trading platform is one of its most vital and it is known as a costly and complicated business, yet also one of the most challenging components for small brokerages. 

The Doo Clearing white label program is designed to help clients build their brand brokers through comprehensive solutions. 

This includes: 

1) Liquidity Direct Market Access (DMA) 

– Direct Market Access (DMA) plays a significant role in the development of the latest trading technologies and market regulatory policies. DMA is seen as a part of the continuum of using technology in trading to lower costs and empower the buy-side as a full. Doo Clearing, a UK-based Spot Forex, and CFDs liquidity provider facilitates DMA to one of the deepest available liquidity pools for Spot Forex and CFDs. 


2) MetaTrader 4 (MT4)/MT5 Trading Platform 

– Doo Clearing can provide exclusive liquidity on the most popular Forex trading platform through considerable performance with proven stability and popularity. Additionally, Doo Clearing is one of the few liquidity providers who can provide liquidity on the next generation trading platform MT5. 


3) Client and Back Office Management system 

– Doo Clearing distributed architecture for extra stability and performance. Doo Clearing provides tailored Prime Brokerage Liquidity solutions, to cut through the noise of today’s marketing environments. 


4) Multiple Account Management (MAM) system 

– Doo Clearing also provides a free MAM system that supports one-to-many and many-to-one account management and can meet the needs of different brokers in managing their trading accounts. 


5) Professional Technical Support 

– Doo Clearing management team has been working within the Forex industry for over 20 years, and more than 180 dedicated team support that is ready 24/7/365 to answer any questions and solve any problems with various language support. 

By using Doo Clearing white-label to distribute your liquidity, back-office, and expertise to smaller institutions, you can boost your volumes and revenues. 

All in all, Doo Clearing White Label is the perfect solution for dealing with several issues brokers may face in their daily business operations. 

To get started, contact Doo Clearing’s Specialist team today for an insightful preview of how we can bring your brokerage to the next level. 

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